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Richard B. Newman is a zealous advocate that is dedicated to winning on behalf of his clients.  WIth more than fifteen years of experience representing digital advertisers and marketers, he is one of the leading and most versatile Internet marketing and regulatory compliance lawyers in the country - with headline-grabbing cases.  Richard is best known for his comprehensive knowledge of Internet marketing practices, applicable legal regulations and emphasis on legal compliance reviews of advertising campaigns. Richard excels at developing and implementing aggressive and winning defense strategies when representing clients in investigations and enforcement actions brought by the Federal Trade Commission and state Attorneys General, and is a valuable resource for digital advertisers on issues such as telemarketing compliance, commercial litigation, promotional marketing programs, and negotiating and drafting legal agreements.

Clients appreciate Richard's clear communication regarding resolution options and ability to dispose of matters quickly and inexpensively.  His practice differs from other advertising and regulatory defense attorneys in that he is singularly focused, all day, every day, on counseling and representing clients nationwide in complex regulatory and commercial matters from online advertising and lead generation compliance to regulatory investigations and defense, from email marketing, Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) issues and telemarketing challenges to privacy and data security.

FTC defense lawyer and Internet advertising compliance attorney Richard B. Newman takes the time to learn his clients’ businesses which, in turn, enables him to effectively blend his knowledge of the unique risks and solutions for businesses marketing on the Internet with an extensive legal skill set built over years to develop winning defense strategies, provide creative legal solutions and generate successful litigation outcomes.

FTC Defense Lawyer, Richard B. Newman, Media Reel

Richard B. Newman is one of the most highly recognized and respected digital advertising and marketing attorneys in practice, and is a zealous advocate that is dedicated to winning on behalf of the firm’s clients. He is one of the leading and most versatile Internet marketing and regulatory compliance lawyers in the country - with headline-grabbing cases. Richard and the firm are best known for a  comprehensive knowledge of unique Internet and telemarketing practices, an emphasis on legal compliance reviews of advertising and marketing campaigns, aggressive representation of clients in investigations and enforcement actions brought by the Federal Trade Commission and state Attorneys General, eCommerce law counseling, complex commercial litigation, promotional marketing programs, and negotiating and drafting legal agreements.

Notably, through Richard’s significant and well-rounded legal practice experience, he possesses a distinct combination of skills, including an ability to seamlessly transition amongst various transactional and litigation roles, from digital advertising and marketing legal compliance reviews to ad network disputes and regulatory defense. This results in an ability to handle complex matters at a competitive fee, and superior efficiencies for clients that prefer to avoid being billed by multiple lawyers with billable-hour requirements that compete to bill more hours for legal work that can be performed skillfully by a seasoned digital advertising defense and new media savvy attorney, managing multiple outside counsel relationships, and educating numerous attorneys about inherently unique digital advertising and marketing business models.  The firm serves as outside "inside" counsel to digital advertiser and marketers.

You can see a representative sampling of some of Richard's recent, precedent-setting successes.  Visit his law firm website at hinchnewman.com and the "Ad Law Insights" - Legal and Regulatory Updates Blog for the latest FTC and state attorneys general compliance, investigation and enforcement developments of concern to advertisers and marketers.


FTC Investigations and Enforcement Actions

Throughout the past decade, FTC defense lawyer Richard Newman has successfully served as regulatory defense counsel on a number of highly-publicized Internet marketing enforcement actions initiated by the Federal Trade Commission and is widely regarded as one of the leading practitioners in the space – representing clients in FTC consumer protection investigations and litigation matters involving Section 5 of the FTC Act as well as other laws and regulations enforced by the agency. He routinely represents clients nationwide in regulatory matters at the federal, state and local level.

Civil Investigative Demands and Subpoenas

Extensive experience developing and implementing customized, aggressive and winning defense strategies in response to civil investigative demands (CIDs) when defending Internet advertisers and marketers in high-stakes FTC investigations involving allegations of unfair and deceptive acts or practices, challenges to claim substantiation, telemarketing violations, violation of consumer privacy rights and failure to adequately secure sensitive consumer information. Richard has successfully secured the prompt and outright closure of numerous investigations without the initiation of formal enforcement proceedings. 

Internet Marketing and Advertising Compliance

Proven success in numerous facets of marketing and advertising law, and a go-to  specialist resource for up-to-date, unmatched  strategic guidance on federal and state laws, rules and regulations applicable to the Internet, affiliate marketing, lead generation, telemarketing, email marketing and social media business models. Richard regularly coordinates result-oriented preventative reviews of marketing materials designed to ensure that campaigns are operated successfully, while complying with applicable requirements so as to avoid becoming a target of costly regulatory scrutiny.

State Attorneys General Investigations

Years of concentrated experience providing effective, optimal solutions to Internet advertisers and marketers on multifaceted matters brought by state Attorneys General across the country, including requests for information and litigation. Efficiently defending clients facing a full range of complex state false claims and unfair trade practices legal challenges.

Lead Generation Compliance

Cutting-edge practice includes advising those within the online lead generation ecosystem, including affiliates and lead generation networks, aggregators and buyers, about applicable regulatory requirements with respect to representations made to consumers, disclosures, marketing agreements, privacy, data use and security, credentialing and end-user compliance. Experienced FTC defense lawyers like Richard are able to work with clients to closely monitor developments, properly weigh compliance risks and formulate innovative compliance strategies.

Telemarketing Law

Richard regularly advises consumer-facing businesses, including call centers, list brokers, list managers and emerging technology companies, on an array of regulatory compliance protocols related to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), applicable state and federal Do-Not-Call laws and telemarketing issues. He also possesses significant experience litigating complex telemarketing matters.

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Digital Marketers, Tech Companies, Legal Professionals, Consumer Protection Agencies, Lawmakers, Politicians, and National and International News Outlets Call and Rely Upon Richard Newman for Legal Regulatory Compliance Programs, First Class Government Enforcement Action and Investigation Defense, and Featured Commentary and Poignant Analysis on Advertising, Marketing and Media

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