Years of concentrated experience providing effective solutions to Internet advertisers and marketers on multifaceted matters brought by state Attorneys General across the country, including requests for information and litigation. Efficiently defending clients facing a full range of complex state false claims and unfair trade practices legal challenges

Richard's concentrated state Attorneys General practice provides full-service representation regarding all aspects of state investigation and enforcement activities.

State AGs are often aggressive business regulators with broad-sweeping powers and a nationwide reach to initiate actions on behalf of consumers.  For over a decade, Richard has provided clients with aggressive and thoughtful counsel in AG-related legal and regulatory matters across the country.

State Attorneys General (AG) Lawyer, Richard B Newman

What to do if you are Contacted by an Attorney General

Richard’s emphasis on and deep experience with advertising and marketing law distinguishes him from other lawyers.  State Attorneys General are becoming more active in the regulation of business conduct and he is well-positioned to assist his clients with related challenges.

Richard is able to leverage his relationships with local and state regulatory agencies in order to secure the amicable closure of investigations.  He also engages with AGs on matters of policy and in furtherance of halting unlawful business activities, such as astroturfing, false origin claims and other forms of deceptive advertising.

What a State AG Defense Lawyer Can Do for You

Today’s regulatory environment requires companies to employ a deliberate, proactive approach to advertising compliance and risk management.  Richard works at the forefront of emerging digital marketing state Attorneys General issues in order to assist clients:

  • Implement strategies designed to mitigate the potential for investigations and enforcement matters from arising
  • Respond to consumer complaints that are issued via state AG offices
  • Establish and maintain a productive dialogue with AGs when problems arise
  • Educate AGs on the inner-workings of various online marketing ecosystems
  • Provide factual/legal background designed to minimize the need for enforcement
  • Amicably and efficiently resolve investigations, and multistate/federal co-enforcement actions
  • Prepare deliberate responses to AG investigations
  • Defend aggressively in the event that an investigation or litigation is unavoidable or has been previously commenced
  • Report unlawful business activities of competitors

Richard has successfully handled state Attorney General investigations and enforcement matters across a wide range of consumer-centric practice areas, including high-tech, digital marketing and advertising, financial services, insurance, dietary supplements, telemarketing, lead generation, state false claims, unfair trade practices and data privacy.

He also provides regular updates on developing state AG policy issues and trends that may potentially affect his clients.

If you have received a civil investigative demand, an informal request for information or are otherwise the subject of an AG investigation, Richard has a record of working hand-in-hand with clients in pursuit of winning strategies that amicably resolve investigations without the expense of protracted litigation.  If litigation is the only alternative, Richard will zealously represent your business interests and fight to protect your hard-earned reputation.

Industry-Specific Experience Leads to Positive Results

Richard is at the forefront of representing online advertisers in the defense of litigation and investigations brought by FTC attorneys and state Attorneys General.

He regularly engages with state and federal regulators on advertising, marketing and consumer protection-related issues.  He has successfully resolved investigations and enforcement actions involving numerous state AGs, who often partner with the Department of Justice, or regulatory agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If you are the subject of a state Attorney General investigation or enforcement action, it is critical that your matter be navigated properly right from the start.  State Attorney General (AG) defense lawyers with specific industry experience like Richard possess a comprehensive understanding of successful strategies designed to achieve a favorable result, as well as the skill necessary to guide clients through the process.

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