Internet Law Attorney

Internet law attorney Richard B. Newman possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience handling tech-heavy legal issues.  He has represented, without limitation, entrepreneurs, start-up companies, advertising networks, affiliate marketers, lead generators and aggregators, telemarketers and email marketers.  He understands the technology that drives the web and handles virtually every aspect of Internet law, including complex commercial litigation matters related to digital business disputes.

What Legal Services Does an Internet Lawyer Provide?

As an Internet law attorney, Richard's legal services include, without limitation:

  • Ad networks and affiliate marketing compliance and litigation
  • Email  marketing and telemarketing compliance and litigation
  • FTC actions
  • Advertising and marketing clearance reviews
  • Telemarketing and email marketing compliance and litigation
  • Claim substantiation analysis
  • Comparative advertising litigation
  • Lanham Act false advertising litigation
  • Online intellectual property
  • First Sate Doctrine
  • Cybersquatting
  • eCommerce
  • Website and performance marketing (affiliate) agreements
  • Recurring billing compliance
  • End User License Agreements (EULA)
  • Terms and conditions, privacy policies and related disclosures
  • Website development disputes
  • Domain name disputes
  • Social media influencer and search engine optimization agreements
  • Online promotions (sweepstakes and contests)
  • Data privacy and security
  • Internet-related litigation

How Can an Internet Attorney Assist Clients to Navigate a Tech-Heavy Legal Landscape?

Richard B. Newman differs from other Internet attorneys in that he emphasizes practical solutions for those that do business online.  He combines his extensive knowledge of unique digital business models with evolving legal requirements to provide strategic and creative direction.  As an Internet lawyer, Richard is dedicated to helping businesses navigate the evolving legal regulatory standards for today's digital economic landscape by finding innovative methods and theories to apply existing legal precedent to emerging digital media-related issues.  Internet attorney Richard B. Newman has litigated nationwide to secure intellectual property rights and regularly utilizes his understanding of the connections between law, technology and business to fulfill clients' goals.

Leading Internet Law Attorney Protecting Your Online Interests

Internet law attorney Richard Newman's practice areas includes Internet law, technology, digital media and regulatory compliance for clients nationwide.  FTC advertising compliance and protecting intellectual property are vital when it comes to protection an online business. .An Internet law attorney like Richard Newman can assist you navigate the complexities of the Internet and technology law landscape, and develop and implement effective business strategies.  He speaks the language of digital marketers and tech entrepreneurs.

The firm is the premier digital media and technology law firm.

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