Privacy and Data Security Lawyer

Online privacy and data security lawyer Richard B. Newman is uniquely positioned to assist Internet marketers’ task to keep pace with privacy and data protection laws.  His digital advertising industry knowledge provides him the ability to stay on the cutting-edge of sophisticated cybersecurity subject matter, proactively work with clients to enhance compliance with legal requirements and to handle related regulatory actions.

Emerging Privacy Laws

Privacy and data security concerns are implicated in virtually every aspect of the interactive advertising industry.  Companies that collect and disseminate personal data both within the United States and around the world are subject to an increasing number of complex privacy and data protection standards.

As a privacy law attorney, Richard keeps his clients informed about notable privacy developments and information security trends.  He represents a diverse client base from a variety of industries, such as online lead generators and Internet marketers and is able to identify challenges that might impact his clients’ businesses.

Richard is able to develop and implement practical privacy and data collection compliance solutions that assist clients to leverage data use and manage cyber risk, including drafting privacy policies and disclosures, assessing data collection and security protocols, developing written information security programs, and ensuring that contracts account for privacy and data use-related issues while effectively minimizing liability exposure.

He helps his clients develop a strategic approach to compliance with rapidly evolving state privacy legislation and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation that impact digital advertising models, including, without limitation, consent requirements, online behavioral advertising guidelines and specific regulatory requirements such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).

Data Security Breach Response

Richard also assists clients with data security incidents and the response process.  This includes notification obligations under federal and state law, post-breach assessment and vulnerability remediation, and effectively responding to investigations from and enforcement by state and federal regulators such as the Federal Trade Commission and state Attorneys General.


Richard advises clients on compliance with privacy laws and regulations applicable to email marketing and telemarketing, including, but not limited to the CAN-SPAM Act, state anti-SPAM legislation, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the FTC Act and state UDAP statutes. He advises on applicable advertising and marketing requirements, assists with the implementation of privacy and data security policies and negotiates and drafts commercial agreements.

Richard also defends Internet marketers against aggressive federal and state regulatory enforcement actions involving alleged unfair and deceptive privacy practices.  This experience provides him with insight into the importance of vetting business partners and vendors via privacy and data security-focused due diligence risk assessments that are often critically assessed by regulatory agencies.

Policy Development and Training

Richard works with clients to prepare and update IT security policies, pertaining to collecting, handling, protecting and destroying personal data.  Internal compliance protocols should include training personnel to comply with company-wide security policies and ongoing monitoring.  Richard also works with digital marketers to develop and implement policies governing the permissible handling and use of information.

Thought Leader

Richard is a technology focused attorney and thought leader in the online marketing law field.  He advises on a broad range of privacy and data protection matters, including privacy policies, information collection and use, regulatory investigations, and email and telemarketing regulation.  The implementation of proper controls are critical to ensure that only authorized employees with a legitimate need have to have access to consumers’ personal information.   Richard and his law firm have been featured by local, national and international news outlets.  They have also contributed to numerous industry publications, including Privacy Law Bulletin, on issues ranging from online marketing, social media, industry best practices and legislative privacy trends.

Internet Privacy Law Firm

Richard offers online marketers sophisticated privacy, data protection and consumer protection counseling services.  A core component of his practice includes complex litigation, privacy compliance, FTC regulatory investigation and defense, advising clients on data use considerations and legal issues specific to their products and services, and designing cybersecurity policies that comply with federal and state laws.

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