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Richard Newman is a client-focused attorney.

It is his well-rounded, unique experience and concentrated focus upon FTC legal matters that set Richard apart.

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M.V. L.A.

Digital Marketer

Richard Newman came highly recommended when I was served a CID by the FTC. He is extremely knowledgeable about FTC matters and is passionate about defending clients in FTC cases. Richard speaks truthfully, and I particularly admire that he always acts in good faith.  He was  always mindful about minimizing his billable hours because he is so considerate of his clients' legal expenses. The best part is that my case with the FTC resulted in a settlement amount that was a small fraction of what it would have been if I had not had Richard. I am extremely pleased with the outcome --  Richard is a rockstar!

Mark P.

Online Lead Generator

Richard Newman really cares. I came to him as a result of a CID from the FTC. I carefully read reviews of multiple attorneys and found that Richard appeared to have the most experience in this field. I was nervous when I made the initial call. It was under an hour before I was on the phone with him.

During our first call he immediately demonstrated to me that he knew this territory well. He took time to explain what the process was, and his ways of approaching similar cases in the past. I was reassured by the breadth and depth of knowledge in this area. These skills are not easy to find. He also reassured me that he was just a phone call away if I needed him. And yes, I needed him, I needed him a lot.

Through the four months of the response to the CID, Richard lawyered, wordsmithed and performed general magicry that somehow transformed my clumsy responses into beautifully presented effective legal narratives. Richard both cared and took incredible pride in his work. He was in the trenches with me and fought for me above and beyond my expectations.

The end result was a home run – the investigation was closed. My experience with Richard was truly life changing. If you are reading this, you are probably nervous. Rest assured that Richard has the experience, motivation and heart to get you through this.

C. B.

Affiliate Marketer

Being in the dietary supplement niche, I knew I needed someone aggressive with vast knowledge of FTC advertising compliance and claim substantiation. Always better safe than sorry. Well, to say that I am blown away by Richard's comprehension and familiarity with this stuff is an understatement. Richard's attention to detail and available scientific literature was far beyond what I expected, yet he still kept it simplistic enough for me to grasp as a digital marketer. The thing I like most about him is he's always available -- day or night, and even weekends or holidays, via email or phone. Literally, any time I need him, he is there and responds instantly. We have consistent and regular meetings to go over the marketing project. The devotion he provides is just awesome. Never once have I feel like I was just a number. Richard advises on many different advertising compliance requirements, as well as various solution options. Richard is a highly experienced attorney who clearly fights for his clients. I feel 100% safe knowing he is guarding my website. Top notch.

M. P.

Home Improvement Contractor

Richard made a challenging time for our business as painless as possible. He made me feel at ease, negotiated a drastic settlement reduction and made sure we had a clear understanding of the path forward.

Eric R.

Online Lead Aggregator

I was completely floored a couple of years ago when I was served by the FTC. I knew I had to find strong, experienced counsel to represent me as the implications were business ending and life-changing. Richard thoroughly explained what had to be done and what would be expected from us. That same day, Richard took the steps needed to defend us. I was in good hands. It was also immediately clear that the FTC attorneys knew him and graciously accommodated a number of his requests that were made for my benefit. He guided me through the entire year-long ordeal and aggressively represented my best interests every step of the way. He is truthful, fair, tough, extremely knowledgeable and a formidable advocate. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that is in the digital marketing sector and is faced with an FTC or other regulatory matter. Our case was finally dismissed thanks to Richard’s tenacious nature. Thank you so much Richard and Hinch-Newman for your fantastic representation this past year!

D. P.

Affiliate Marketer

I reached out to Richard when an action was filed against me by the FTC. As we discussed my case, he quickly went over the steps that had to be taken and gave me a clear outline of my options. His vast knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry and experience with FTC matters led me to believe my defense was in good hands. I felt at ease for the first time and quickly retained his services. During the year long case, it was like Richard was fighting for a friend, as well as a client. He was candid and kept me well informed at every step. His guidance helped me make informed decisions that were clearly going to impact my future. He handled everything efficiently and generously gave of his time to travel and prepare me for my hearing testimony - which without his help - I would not have been comfortable providing. Simply put, Richard is a powerhouse lawyer with unmatched knowledge of internet advertising law. His good working relationships with FTC staff attorneys were also apparent, as it seemed they were always courteous and willing to consider his requests. This was extremely beneficial for the ultimate outcome of my case. I am glad he was in my corner to aggressively defend me. I strongly recommend his services to anyone in the digital marketing space. Especially in the case of an FTC matter - or if you require highly ethical and professional guidance from a lawyer that is generous with his time. Richard, I am pleased with the results you delivered and sincerely appreciate everything you have done. Thank you!

David Y.

Online Learning Entrepreneur

Richard is a superb FTC defense lawyer and comes highly recommended. His knowledge of advertising laws and policies is in-depth, up-to-date and he knows how to ask the right questions to help best present a case. He also has a comprehensive knowledge of what the FTC does and does not focus upon. Most importantly, he helped our industry-leading online education business to obtain a favorable resolution and closure of an aggressive agency investigation within our modest budget and without a penalty or further action. He is incredibly honest about his time and worked directly with us through to successful completion. ‎His government investigation and regulatory defense insights are second to none. Richard is your secret weapon in defending against FTC / AG inquiries. Thank you, Richard!

J. J.

Affiliate Marketer

Best lawyer I have ever had! I called Richard in a panic about a complicated advertising-related legal matter. He took the time - over the weekend - to calm me down and explain my options. All of this was done before I was even a client! He is incredibly generous with his time and kept me informed every step of the way. Richard is a fierce advocate that has a sophisticated knowledge of advertising law. In fact, during oral argument at a hearing, a third party involved in my case remarked to me how impressed he was with Richard. He also put the interests of my family first, at all times. I have worked with many attorneys in my career and Richard is the best. He is professional, dedicated, courteous, ethical and genuinely caring person. He came through for me and my family in a huge way. As a mother of two young children, I cannot thank him enough for the results he delivered.

G. H. R.

Managing Director of a Global Architecture Design Consultancy

We retained Richard Newman to represent us on matters over the past five years. We have been so pleased with his efforts on our behalf that Richard continues to provide counsel for our business interests related to commercial transactions. Richard is very thorough, highly ethical and pragmatic with a unique focus resolving issues before they spin out of control. We are fortunate to have him as our counsel.

Jimmy J.

Digital Technology Entrepreneur

Highly professional and honest. We retained Richard for an FTC defense case. His expertise in FTC matters is unmatched and has proven to be very effective. Richard handled our confidential matter with great respect and was very easy to work with. His communication skills are superb and he doesn’t nickel and dime you for every email sent back and forth. Mr. Newman is also very honest, refraining from pulling in other attorneys for things he could do himself, thus saving us money. He fought hard for us, usually 7 days a week until the case was resolved in a manner we were extremely happy with. We would highly recommend Richard for any FTC-related, advertising or Internet-related case.

J. G.

COO of Global Performance Marketing Network

Richard Newman is one of the most knowledgeable FTC advertising compliance & CanSpam attorneys I've ever come across.  Fantastic to work with...I couldn't recommend working with him enough.

J. J.

Digital Technology Entrepreneur

He fought hard for us, usually 7 days a week until the case was resolved...His expertise in FTC matters is unmatched and has proven to be very effective... aggressive, compassionate and knowledgeable FTC compliance and defense lawyer... I cannot recommend him enough.  His experience really shows when dealing with the FTC and he is a true professional.

Kent Walker

Intellectual Property Attorney

I have worked with and referred clients to Richard for years. He is highly knowledgeable and represents his clients very well. I have received excellent feedback from referrals. I highly recommend Richard.