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eCommerce lawyer Richard B. Newman is a leader in his field.  As an authority on digital marketing and eCommerce law, he has successfully reperesented the interests of clients on a broad spectrum of eCommerce, digital marketing and social media related legal, regulatory and operational transactions and litigation matters.  The breadth of his services, combined with his industry focus, sets Mr. Newman apart.  Mr. Newman possesses proven subject matter experience in eCommerce, social media and related litigation that markerters face in today's legal regulatory environment, from advertising and contract disputes to risk minimization and legal compliance with Internet and technology law.

eCommerce Lawyer

Richard’s significant transaction, litigation and advisory skills are of great benefit to his eCommerce clientele.  As a leading eCommerce lawyer and Internet litigation lawyer, he regularly advises clients on applicable legal and regulatory issues that apply to specific business models, including, but not limited to, contracts, intellectual property, data privacy and advertising compliance.  The range of eCommerce and Internet-related legal matters eCommerce lawyer Richard Newman focuses upon include, but are not limited to:

  • eCommerce and Internet related litigation
  • Software and marketing agreements
  • Intellectual property
  • Data privacy and security
  • Click-wrap, browse-wrap and other digital agreements
  • Truth in advertising
  • Influencers and FTC Endorsement Guides
  • FTC compliance and defense
  • Automatic renewal laws
  • Amazon seller programs
  • Shipping-related legal regulations
  • User generated content
  • Website agreements
  • Telecommunications and email marketing laws and regulations

A number of Richard's clients have been recognized as being amongst the fastest growing private media and technology companies and ranked on Inc. Magazine's Annual 500/5000 List.

Richard Newman understands the eCommerce and digital business models.  His practice differs from other eCommerce attorneys in that he emphasizes practical, cost-effective and tailored solutions for those in the digital commerce ecosystem.  He combines his extensive knowledge of eCommerce and marketing practices with evolving legal regulatory requirements in order to provide strategic guidance and creative solutions to those that generate income via the Internet.

eCommerce Lawyer With Unique Insight Into Specific Online Business Models

eCommerce lawyer Richard Newman has represented clients across a wide range of industries, including digital marketing, communications, software design, new media and entertainment.  He and his eCommerce law firm work closely with each client to fully understand their goals, business operations and risk tolerance to provide premier eCommerce and Internet related litigation legal services.

The legal landscape of the eCommerce word changes on a regular basis.  eCommerce attorney Richard Newman assists clients to stay abreast of current legal regulations in order to effective walk the line between commerce and compliance.  Navigating the unique challenges related to Internet and eCommerce law is of paramount importance and as an eCommerce lawyer, Mr. Newman helps with fundamental issues, from drafting website agreements and commercial contracts, to advising on intellectual property and social media-related matters.

eCommerce Attorney to Handle Diverse Range of Complex eCommerce Legal Matters

Richard Newman is an eCommerce attorney and Internet litigation lawyer that handles a broad range of complex transactional and litigation matters across numerous sectors.  He counsels clients regarding applicable legal regulations, best practices while helping them to stay compliant and maximize income.

While most companies utilize digital technology to promote their businesses, sell products and services, and communicate with customers, it is paramount to consider applicable legal standards within an electronic environment.  The failure to do so can result in significant legal and/or regulatory liability, penalties and the misappropriation of intellectual property.

Agreements with service providers and consumers, domain name and IP selection and clearance, and digital content protection, to name but a few, are issues that should be considered by eCommerce and consumer product/service companies.

eCommerce lawyer Richard Newman possesses an in-depth understanding of the issues faced by consumer products and ecommerce companies, including  product distribution, licensing, brand promotion, intellectual property, contract and payment disputes, inventory management and protection, and legal regulatory compliance.

eCommerce Lawyer and Internet Litigation Attorney Representing the Interests of Cutting-Edge Technology Companies

As a leading eCommerce attorney, Richard Newman of Hinch Newman LLP provides the full range of eCommerce and Internet-related litigation legal services.  Mr. Newman's considerable experience representing cutting-edge marketers, technology compaines and others doing business online spans two decades.

His extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with an understanding of the specific risks, legal regulations and potential solutions for online businesses, enable eCommerce law attorney Richard  Newman to provide practical, strategic, comprehensive and successful legal advice, guidance and solutions designed to permit clients to operate safely and effectively on the Internet.

eCommerce Attorneys With a Nuanced Understanding of Social Media Legal Issues 

Hinch Newman LLP serves prominent digital marketing and eCommerce clientele across diverse industries and business models.  The firm's social media law practice is well equipped to address and advise upon issues pertaining to the intersection of social media and law intersect, including the implementation of strategies designed to maximize the use of social media in order to achieve business goals, ensuring that the use of social media conforms with existing legal regulatory requirements and best practices, advertising guidelines, platform guidelines, endorsement guidelines and influencer agreements, intellectual property isssues, dispute resolution, data privacy issues, and more.

The use of online social networks and digital media to engage and interact with consumers is rapidly expanding and so is regulation of such platforms by state and federal regulatory agencies, and private parties.  As a leading social media lawyer, Richard Newman assists clients to optimize their social media engagement by deliberately strcturing promotions to achieve business goals while minimizing the risk of compliance entaglements on various platforms, including, but not limited to, LinkedIn, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Pinterest,  TikTok, X (f/k/a Twitter), YouTube

As one of the leading eCommerce attorneys and Internet litigation lawyers in the United States, Mr. Newman works closely with clients to structure social media campaigns to mitigate risk, and zealously represent clients in disputes with third-parties, including marketing partners, service providers, competitors and regualtory bodies.

eCommerce lawyer Richard Newman works closely with clients to implement effective litigation prevention strategies as it pertains to the use of social media.  If and when the need arises, the firm vigorousloy protects the interests of clients in litigation, and regulatory investigation and enforcement matters.

Internet Litigation Attorney That Understands the Digital Business Landscape

Succeedings in Internet and technology-related legal disputes requires Internet litigation attorneys and eCommerce lawyers that possess an understanding of uniquye business models that exist online, along with the potential risks associated therewith.  Mr. Newman posseses in depth transactional and litigation experience in the areas of digital marketing, telemarketing, eCommerce law, intellectual property, advertising compliance, competitor advertising, privacy and data security, regulatory investigations and regulatory defense.

Marketers that require legal assistance designing or defending promotional campaigns turn to Mr. Newman for experienced counsel and a client-centered, cost effective approach.  The firm's Internet  litigation focus includes, without limitation, performance marketing, unfair and deceptive trade practices, intellectual property, Lanham Act false advertising, email marketing and telemarketing, social media and mobile, entertainment, software, contract and payment disputes, and FTC and state attorneys general enforcement and investigations.

Internet and eCommerce Law Firm That has Won Seminal Cases

As a premier eCommerce lawyer and Internet litigation law firm, Richard Newman of Hinch Newman LLP has been involved with and succesfully litigated some of the most high-profile digital marketing, intellectual property, eCommerce, Internet law and government regulation matters in recent years.  For example, Mr. Newman has won an eCommerce traffic patent fight for a top affiliate network when the United States District Court, Central District of California granted a motion for judgment on the pleadings against a notorious patent troll.  Here, the firm was able to obtain a  complete victory on behalf of the entire performance marketing industry by having the asserted claims of the patent invalidated.

As the regulation of online business expands, experienced Internet law and eCommerce counsel assists clients with balancing operational and legal challenges in order to minimize the risk of litgiation, government investigation or enforcement.  In the event that formal litigation ensues, Mr. Newman is well equipped to aggressively pursue and protect clients' interests with winning and cost-effective strategies across a wide spectrum of eCommerce and digital marketing-related disputes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is an eCommerce Lawyer?

    eCommerce law includes laws and regulations that govern online transactions and interractions.  Without limitation, it covers online contracts, intellectual property, advertising compliance, user generated content, software and service agreements, data privacy.

    An eCommerce Lawyer assists clients with legal regulatory issues that may apply to those selling products and services on the Internet, including via mobile phone.  An eCommerce attorney can provide counsel on digital business matters designed to maximize profits while minimizing liability exposure.

  • What is an Internet Litigation Attorney?

    An Internet litigation attorney litigates Internet and tech-related legal matters, from Internet law, eCommerce, domain name disagreements and intellectual property matters, to digital advertising, contract and payment disputes.